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2GSPlus DAC Module

The 2GSPlus DAC Module is designed for D/A conversion from 1GSamples up to 4GSamples. The board includes four Maxim D/A converter chips MAX19692 or MAX19693 and a Xilinx CPLD chip XC2C512 for configuration and controlling of the connected analog RF circuits.
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Gigabit data transmission with intelligent anntennas

The Terahertz Communication Lab ( of the Technical University Braunschweig and IAF Institute for applied radio system technology announce their cooperation on the area of future wireless communication.

In the project Qstream promoted by the Ferderal Ministry of Economy and Technology will be examined new procedures for ultra-fast wireless data transmitting. The cooparation is embedded in an european project within the research and development program MEDEA+. Renowned european Universities take part and enterprises from the consumer electronics, like NXP, Thomson or STMicroelectronics. That project is also a cooperation within the association TELIAISON ( This is a consortium of seven middle-class enterprises from the region southeast Lower Saxony, the Technical University Braunschweig and the University of Applied Science Braunschweig/Wolfenb├╝ttel. It promoted young researchers and human recources development.

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Virtex4 Board

Lots of realisation options with highest complexity are given from the compact Virtex4 Board , obtainable equipped with a V4FX60 or respectively a V4FX100 device. Therefore a range of useful extensions has been developed, allowing most individual implementations. One of them is the Ethernet Phy Board , which realises up to two gigabit Ethernet connections.

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