FFP Basic

The easy solution for your prototyping needs

The Prototyping Board FFP Basic builts the basis for our FPGA building set. The FFP Basic has been developed using powerful Xilinx Virtex II Pro chips. This FPGA types combine a high amount of logic ressources with integrated Power PC cores. This is completed with different interfaces to enable maximum flexibility to the user.

The FFP basic includes two Xilinx FPGA either XC2VP70 or XC2VP100 with up to 848 user defined I/Os. The board interfaces are listed below:

  • 2 VG 96 connectors
  • 1 VG 48 connector
  • 2 Harting connectors 68 pin normally used for SCSSI connection as a LVDS interface
  • 4 extension slots that enables access to your own peripheral boards or you can plug in IAF extension boards family members like AD /DA board or I/Q modulator board or LVDS super safe extension board. For measuring purposes a Agilent logic analysator adapter is available too. For your own functionality we can develop your specific adaptor.
  • 100 Base T Ethernet Phy-Interface
  • 4 Gigabit tranceivers
  • 16 Mbit of SRAM splitted in two banks for faster access
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • 32 Bit data interface via USB

Other features are a single supply voltage solution. All necessary internal voltages are generated on board. The FPGA program code can be easily downloaded via USB directly to the FPGA or to the integrated flash memory. By configuring the board a programming at boot up is possible, so that you don’t need any external source to run your FPGA code.

Hardware in the loop

The Hardware in the loop package offers an easy way of testing developed FPGA program code in conjunction with flexible software test environments. The package provides all needed components for communication between FFP Basic and PC:

  • Data interface based on the Component Object model (COM) for connection of COM-compatible application software (i.e. Matlab)
  • Connection to FFP Basic via USB software drivers
  • VHDL modules for integration in FPGA design

This package establishes the basis for combining the rapidness of the FPGA-Design with the flexibility of data processing in COM-compatible application software. The system design can be validated and demonstrated in an easy and time efficient way. The interface software offers a flexible and easy to use transparent data interface for transfer rates up to 4 MBit/s from and to the FFP Basic. VHDL modules for integration are delivered, which prepare the user data on the FFP Basic via Fifo interfaces. The data stream is accessible from the specific application software through a function call of the COM-Server and can be processed in several ways.

Thus the FFP Basic is seamlessly integrated in the application software as a hardware function.
System requirements:

  • FFP Basic Firmware #45 or higher
  • COM-compatible application software (i.e. Matlab)
  • Xilinx development environment ISE

Prototyping with this board is easy and spares your budget. IAF will help you to find an optimal solution for your development tasks.