MicroTCA Test Platform

MicroTCA Test Platform with two MicroTCA single width / double width slots and universal interfaces. For easy operation, debugging and test of MicroTCA modules. The MicroTCA Test Platform is also useable as test backplane for system integration.

The MicroTCA test platform is used for the development of MicroTCA boards and system integration. The test platform can be used with ‘single width’ or ‘double width’ MicroTCA modules. The test platform provides access to all backplane interfaces for measurement purposes or for data transmission. For the construction of test systems multiple modules can be networked via the universal SMA connector interface signals.


  • startup operation with MicroTCA modules
  • MicroTCA module debugging and test
  • interface test and performance measurements
  • evaluation backplane for system integration
  • MicroTCA testbeds

Key Features:

  • standalone operation without MicroTCA controller
  • two MicroTCA card slots for single or double width
  • slot 1 interfaces connected to SMA
  • slot 2 interfaces connected to specific connectors (PCIe, SATA Infiniband)
    on board Ethernet interfaces for both slots
  • ATX power connector
  • configurable card holders for single or double width modules
  • fan units for both MicroTCA slots
  • Power Control unit
  • MicroTCA control unit (optional)