Key facts

  • 2 antenna full duplex transmitter and receiver
  • 20 MHz bandwidth
  • 2,6 GHz and 800 MHz frequency frontends
  • Use in FDD/TDD possible
  • several digital interfaces (CPRI, PCIe, LVDS)

The 2×2 RF-Transceiver is designed for 3G-LTE prototyping systems as well as for software defined radio (SDR) development purposes. It supports simultaneous transmission and receiption of two antennas in frequency-duplex-mode.

The 2×2 RF-Transceiver includes 2 main components: analog RF unit and digital module.

The RF unit is available for two frequency bands, 2.6GHz or 800MHz and up to 20MHz bandwidth.

The digital module (ADDA-MGT-Board) is designed for A/D conversion, D/A conversion and for pre- and post-processing of data streams like digital I/Q modulation and demodulation.

In this application the Xilinx Virtex-5-SXT chip is used for pre- and post-processing of DAC and ADC data streams and for controlling of the connected analog RF circuits.