Hardware development

Our hardware delivers maximum performance in real time.

  • Schematic development (Altium Designer)
  • PCB layout
    • with FPGA (Xilinx)
    • with DSP (TI Texas Instruments)
    • Highspeed DA / AD (Analog Devices)
    • Highspeed connectors (SRIO, CPRI, PCIe)
  • Certification
  • Prototypes / Prototypes manufactoring / Small series
Logic analyzer

Because that is exactly what we need in the highly advanced projects that we conduct with our clients.
We specialize in FPGA (Xilinx), DSP (Texas Instruments), fast A/D and D/A conversion and high-speed serial interfaces.

Our work is at the cutting edge of technology. In other areas, such as the development of RF modules, we work with selected partner companies. This allows us to offer complete systems from one source.
We develop our own custom hardware products as well as hardware components to our clients’ specifications. Our services include schematic design, PCB design, prototyping, volume production and certification.