System design and concept development

We connect theory to practice.

  • System simulation highlevel / lowlevel
  • Concept study / feasibility study
Layout creation

We produce system designs and studies that meet our clients’ requirements, and we develop concepts for implementing the results in practice.
Our area of specialist knowledge is digital radio transmission technology. We boast extensive know-how and offer proven solutions. We have particular interest in telecommunications, instrumentation, control systems, both wireless and wired. What challenges do you have for us? We look forward to your inquiry.

We perform simulations to accompany the system design phase, as well as for verification during the development process. Thanks to our simulations, the whole development process becomes more efficient, because problems can be identified and fixed at a very early stage.

Even before the actual implementation, signal-processing algorithms can be optimized through simulations and accompanying tests. By using parallel simulations of algorithms at the system level and implementation level (VHDL) we are able to achieve a high level of reliability in the final design.