LTE Test Tools

LTE test systems

We offer customized testing solutions for a wide range of LTE test and measurement procedures. Manufacturers of LTE components such as remote radio heads, base stations (eNB) and terminals (UE) benefit from our expertise.

There are very many different tasks involved in testing LTE components, so we offer custom-designed and optimized solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our LTE test systems find application both within the development phase as well as in series production.

LTE test tools

As part of our successful LTE development processes, we developed a suite of test tools for evaluating individual components and analysing complete systems.

  • CPRI Analyzer: reception of CPRI signals, CPRI frame synchronization, CPRI frame extraction and decoding of I/Q data, presentation and analysis of I/Q data in time and frequency domain.
  • CPRI Data Logger: recording of CPRI data streams (4 GB memory) for later use as a test sequence or for offline signal analysis
  • CPRI Test Transmitter: Playback of recorded CPRI streams. The recorded data is processed and played back periodically. This makes it possible to replicate many real LTE test scenarios under laboratory conditions.

We use these test tools in combination with our LTE decoder functions (physical layer uplink and downlink) to help us build client-specific test systems.