Research Project kogLTE (01.09.2012 – 31.05.2015)

Development of standard-compliant test platforms with high RF-dynamic for the introduction of cognitive transceivers to the cellular mobile radio.

The higher aim of the kogLTE project is to realize standard-compliant test devices to be able to design and test cognitive mobile radio systems for the RF frequency range. In addition commercial available Software Defined Radio platforms are used for the digital signal processing and complemented with an innovative radio module with high dynamic range. Therefore the radio technology research and development is on an evolutionary way from Software Defined Radio to Cognitive Radio.

We work together with the project partners University Duisburg Essen (UDE) and HCL on the development of a cognitive test platform for LTE-A with high RF dynamic range. Within this project the development and supply of the hardware platform for the implementation of cognitive extensions based on the LTE-A standard and the system integration for the terminal (UE) is planned.

The hardware platform for the baseband processing is based on the ‘SAFARI’ DSP platform ‘Dual6670AMC for software Defined Radio applications with several enhancements. For the cognitive extensions planned in this project additional interfaces to RF frontend and protocol layer have to be implemented. Moreover, the integration of the standard-compliant protocol layer requires the extension of the hardware platform with a dual Core ARM processor.