SDR as universal measuring instruments platform

BMWi ZIM funded project June 2015 – May 2017

For a modern and flexible architecture of a simple measurement equipment is the efficient Algorithmik a determining factor. Within the scope of the cooperation project ZIM the performance which is necessary for the demodulation of a topical digital transmission standard using Software Defined Radio is examined. The construction exists of three main components:

  • Digital IQ demodulator
  • Digitally Processing box
  • Analytic equipment

The aim of the project is to develope an efficient hardware which is applicable for different digital transmission procedures. Beside an flexible hardware architecture the advantage of a software-based solution exists in the easy adaptation to different transmission procedures without changes in existing hardware. Central meaning also has the optimised conversion of the particular algorithms. Just with a new and complex standard, like DOCSIS3. 1, an essential advantage to be able to begin early with the realisation.

Hardware information: S-RF Wideband Software Defined Radio Module