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Digital communications technology is at the heart of the IAF. Wired or wireless: our researchers and developers are experts in the field. We apply state-of-the-art standards to create innovative solutions – from experimental systems and prototype development to limited-series productions.

We have been part of the digital communications revolution from the start, putting cutting-edge technologies into practice. In close co-operation with our customers, we create products for testing and measurement systems. In everything we do, the user is always our focus. Effective and usable: we ensure that our solutions work.

We live in a knowledge-based society, where ever-increasing amounts of data need to be wirelessly transmitted. That’s why we at the IAF have specialised in developing digital technologies that can transmit very high data rates wirelessly, ready for application in mobile communications and digital broadcasting.

We have successful collaborative relationships with industry partners and with leading German universities. By working together, our research into wireless technology evolves into high-performance experimental systems and proven products. Our team has in-depth experience in designing telecommunications systems, developing digital and analogue hardware components, and implementing systems in hardware-oriented programming languages.

The results speak for themselves:

Since the inception of the IAF in 1992, we have successfully delivered numerous ground-breaking projects. From developing a DVB-T modulator for digital terrestrial television to setting up an experimental OFDM system for wireless LAN, we can boast many examples of the successful transfer of our research results into real-world industries.

The latest from our laboratories:

UMTS, also known as 3G, is one of the standards for the third generation of mobile communications; it forms the basis an exciting new development: 3G-LTE. “LTE” stands for Long Term Evolution

The objective of the IAF is simple:

we bring together that which belongs together.

Working with our partners, we can quickly and flexibly implement new research results into innovative products.