Our Services

We offer full solution from one source: from the specification to hardware and software development up to implementation and verification.

Development of custom hardware and software

We offer the entire design process of electronic assemblies: from concept to circuit design, sample production, programming and testing. We also like to support you in individual subtasks such as PCB layout creation or FPGA programming.

Our core competencies lie in the areas of Digital radio and wireless communication, Telemetry and Measurement technology. In addition, we work within national and international research projects as developers of hardware assemblies and software algorithms. The technically demanding projects require the use of the latest technology. As a result, we are always up to date in our core areas.

We have developed our know-how and extensive practical knowledge through numerous successful projects since the company was founded in 1992.
With our services we support you in the execution of your project – flexible, efficient and on schedule.

Our services in detail:

The theory

  • As part of a non-binding consultation, we capture your task and offer solutions.
  • Together with you we develop a concept for the realization of your project.
  • We prepare feasibility studies for projects that are still in the early stages of planning.
  • We prepare specification sheets for the detailed preparation and planning of extensive development projects.

The hardware

  • We develop customized electronic assemblies for your project. For the circuit diagram creation and the PCB layout we use the development tool Altium Designer.
  • Hardware development requires a lot of experience. We have collected these in numerous projects from various fields of application. Our know-how grows with each project and is at your disposal.
  • The complexity of the modules ranges from simple microcontroller circuits to complex FPGA boards with numerous high-speed interfaces. The requirements for the PCB layout are correspondingly different. Boards with> 30 layers and microvia technology have already been realized.
  • We carry out the PCB production and assembly of components together with selected partner companies. We offer the production of samples, small series and series.
  • We carry out the function test of the assemblies in-house. For extensive series of measurements or larger quantities, we also build automated measuring equipment.

The software

  • We program FPGA devices and microprocessors for different applications. We mainly work with Xilinx FPGA of all series from Spartan over Kintex Ultrascale to Zynq Ultrascale + RFSoC.
  • We have been working extensively with Xilinx for many years and are Xilinx Alliance Partners. For our projects we also receive the necessary support from the manufacturer to solve technical issues.
  • The application areas of FPGA are very diverse. Often we realize algorithms for digital signal processing. In FPGA, very high bandwidths can be processed, if necessary by multiple parallel structures.
  • With FPGA devices of the Ultrascale or Ultrascale + series, a large number of high-speed interfaces can be implemented. Among others, 10G Ethernet, 100G Ethernet, PCIe 3.0 and USB 3 have already been implemented.
  • FPGA devices of the Zynq and Zynq Ultrascale + families additionally include multicore ARM processors. Thus, very powerful systems consisting of FPGA section and processor system can be implemented in a single device.
  • The integrated processor systems are becoming increasingly important in the FPGA world as they become more powerful and allow for more flexible programming of specific subtasks.
  • We often implement the implementation of embedded Linux OS on the arm processors. A major advantage is the use of freely accessible software for a variety of applications.

As our portfolio constantly changes and evolves, the topics can only be addressed briefly here. If you want more detailed information, please contact us. We are happy to advise you.