IAF – Your specialists for the development of customer-specific electronic assemblies.

IAF is a team of specialists for the development of customer-specific electronic assemblies. Our services encompass concept creation, hardware development, programming, the production of prototypes and series as well as commissioning and testing.

Founded in 1992 and based in Braunschweig, Germany, IAF specialises in being at the cutting edge of technology through participation in current research and development projects. This expertise flows directly into the contract developments for our customers.

Our guiding principle: We prefer to perfectly master just one technology instead of offering a broad spectrum with a shallow depth. For this reason, we have specialised in the development of FPGA-based assemblies. In addition to the increase in performance, integration density and efficiency, the dynamic development in the FPGA field has also generated the architecture “Systems on Chip” (SoC). With the current FPGA and SoC components, virtually all applications of digital communication technology, industrial electronics, image processing, etc. can be realised.

For each project, it is necessary to individually determine whether an FPGA solution is the optimal solution when all boundary conditions are taken into consideration. As early as this fundamental decision, we will be there as your consultant and will establish a solution concept with you, which we can then realise together to the desired extent.

Business principles

In order to be able to successfully execute development projects, we have established the following principles at our company:

In-depth professional knowledge

In-depth professional knowledge forms the fundament. We are constantly expanding and updating this knowledge.

High quality standards

Consistently high quality standards are defined and monitored throughout all project phases, from conception through to production and testing.

Focused on core competencies

We focus on our core competencies. As a result of numerous development projects, our experience is constantly growing.

Long-term co-operation

We work together on a long-term basis with competent and reliable partners in the field of printed circuit board production and assembly.

Customer orientation

We develop for our customers, but above all with our customers: through individual support and high transparency throughout all the development steps.

Some focal points of our development activities


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Reference projects

The descriptions of the reference projects contain many details of our current development activities. Current and technically particularly interesting projects are presented here.

Learn more about our reference projects