5G technology: Fast data transmission with light

The project OTB-5G+ (Open Testbed Berlin - 5G and beyond) is a BMBF-funded research project with 12 project partners.

The overall project objective is to investigate a new network architecture for 5G and subsequent mobile telecommunications systems and to implement it in the planned Open Testbed Berlin.

Within the overall project, IAF is developing a powerful and flexibly configurable interface for Visible Light Communication (VLC). Fundamental project elements are the development, integration and validation of the FPGA-based VLC interface module.

The work is divided into conception and development of the hardware platform, programming of the digital signal processing and interface functions (in the form of firmware and software) as well as production and commissioning of the prototypes.

In the further course of the project, the integration of the VLC interface module into the testbed will follow as well as the connection to the analogue VLC front-end and validation by means of the defined application scenarios.