IAF Technologies

Digital processing box

SDR as a universal measuring device platform

For the modern and flexible architecture of a simple measuring device, efficient algorithms are a decisive factor. Within the framework of the ZIM co-operation project, investigations are being carried out concerning the extent of the performance necessary for the demodulation of a current digital transmission standard by means of Software Defined Radio (SDR). The structure consists of three main assemblies:

  • Digital IQ demodulator
  • Digital processing box
  • Analytical equipment

The aim of the project is the development of powerful hardware which can be used for various digital transmission methods. In addition to a flexible hardware architecture, the advantage of a software-based solution is the simple adaptation to differing transmission methods, without changes to existing hardware. The optimised implementation of the respective algorithms is thereby of central importance. Particularly in the case of a new and complex standard, such as DOCSIS 3.1, this is a major advantage in order to be able to begin the realisation at an early stage.