IAF – The design house with FPGA development as its core focus

We work with FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and SoC (Systems on Chip) manufactured by Xilinx. Our services range from conceptual consultation, through the drafting of the system specifications, hardware development, FPGA design and software development, and on to the production and commissioning of prototypes and series.

With FPGA and SoC, an enormous range of applications can be realised, such as image processing, measurement technology and data transmission (wireless or cabled). In all fields, the demands as regards speed are constantly increasing. With FPGA and SoC, very high processing speeds are possible through parallel processes and efficient, hardware-oriented programming.

The demands on PCB design with FPGA are high, especially when high-speed interfaces with data rates in the high GHz range are used. A successful design in the high-speed range necessitates a great deal of experience and a perfectly coordinated process chain: from the selection of the board material and the board surface, through the assembly with detailed result control, and on to the functional test with high test coverage.

As a result of the many years of successful co-operation with our partners for printed circuit board production and assembly, we can execute the entire project, from the concept through to the tested series sample, at a high level of quality.

The programming of FPGA and SoC is also an integral component in our range of services. This includes the implementation of high-speed interfaces and algorithms for signal processing, adapted to the specific requirements of the application.

The FPGA programming is performed in the hardware programming languages VHDL/Verilog. The SoC, with their powerful ARM processors, run under Linux operating systems. Based on this, fast hardware-oriented functions can be united in one device in combination with complex software implementations.