Digital communication technology is our keyword.

Whether connected via cable or by radio transmission - this is the field in which we develop and research. We make use of the latest standards, whether for the development of prototypes, small series or experimental systems.

We are present from the very beginning when new technology is put into practice. In close co-operation with our customers, we create products for communication, for industrial applications and for testing and measurement systems during whose development the user always remains the focal point. In this way, we can ensure that the technology really works.

We live in a knowledge-based society in which ever-larger quantities of data must be transported through cabled networks and via radio transmission. We therefore focus on the development and implementation of digital procedures for the transmission of high data rates via wireless, cabled and optical transmission media. These technologies are utilised in the fields of mobile communication and digital broadcasting.

We co-operate with industry partners as well as with universities and research institutes. Together, we transform our research results into powerful experimental systems and products ready for series production. Starting with the telecommunication system design, through the development of digital and analogue hardware components, and on to the system implementation in hardware-related programming languages - we are there!

Success proves us right

Since the foundation of IAF in 1992, we have successfully completed countless projects. The development of a DVB-T modulator (terrestrial digital television) and the construction of OFDM experimental systems for wireless LAN and 3G LTE mobile communications are examples of the successful transfer of our research results to industry.

An outlook on our current development

We are currently working on the development of technologies for 5G mobile communications. In contrast to previous mobile communication standards, 5G covers not only mobile wireless communication but also other transmission paths, such as Visible Light Communication (VLC). A further key technology that plays a major role for 5G is “Massive MIMO”. The large quantity of antennas requires a great deal of outlay, but with the help of the new RFSoC components, the technology is now feasible.

The goal of IAF GmbH is simple:

We bring together what belongs together.

Together with our partners, we achieve a fast and flexible implementation of new research results in innovative products.