Hardware projects

Kintex-7 FPGA board

The broadband radio receiver for real-time signal processing

FPGA: Kintex-7
Application: Broadband radio receiver for real-time signal processing

The Kintex-7 FPGA board is extremely suitable for real-time-capable, high-bandwidth signal processing due to its powerful FPGA and high-speed serial connections. With 4GB of DDR3 memory, the system provides a powerful means of internal data storage. For fast network connection, both 10 Gbit and 1 Gbit Ethernet interfaces are available. Configuration of the Kintex-7 board is ensured through the integrated Spartan-6 FPGA with WebGUI user interface. The versatile range of backplane connectors (serial, LVDS) enables flexible integration into differing architectures.

The assembly contains the following main components:

  • Xilinx-Kintex-7-FPGA (XC7K325T/XC7K410T)
  • Spartan-6-FPGA
  • 2 × 10-GBit-Ethernet to Kintex-7
  • 2 × 4 GB SODIMM (1 per FPGA)
  • Serial highspeed connection to backplane
  • Gbit Ethernet switch
  • 2 × 1 Gbit Ethernet front connector
  • 1 Gbit Ethernet SGMII to backplane
  • Onboard voltage/temperature measurement