History of IAF GmbH

In the following, we present a number of highlights from our company history.

  • Start of the research project OTB-5G+: Development of an interface for VLC communication
  • Redesign and production of a Zynq UltraScale+ FPGA board
  • Construction of an automated measuring station for the testing of RF receiver assemblies
  • Development of a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA platform
  • Development of a miniaturised Zynq-7001S circuit for video data recording
  • Development and production of a MicroTCA assembly for coherent optical signal transmission
  • Development of a universal measuring receiver for DOCSIS 3.1
  • Research work within the EU project iCIRRUS
  • Development of a multi-channel RF receiver for telemetry and measurement technology
  • Development of a universal measuring receiver for DOCSIS 3.1
  • Research work within the EU project iCIRRUS
  • Diverse hardware board developments with Xilinx FPGA: Virtex-7, Virtex UltraScale and Kintex UltraScale
  • Start of the research work within the iCIRRUS project
  • Development of an FPGA platform for high-speed network infrastructure on the basis of the Xilinx FPGA Virtex-7
  • Development of an FPGA platform for measurement-technology applications, on the basis of  Xilinx Artix-7
  • Start of the research work within the project kogLTE<
  • Development of an FPGA platform for tracking-technology applications, on the basis of Xilinx Kintex-7
  • 90 % of all digital data worldwide has been created in the last two years, determined IBM. IDC predicts: In 2012, the expenditure for mobile data networks will exceed the expenditure for fixed networks for the first time.
  • Development of the 4G LTE hardware platform Dual 6670 AMC with two quad-core DSP
  • LTE is made available by mobile communication providers in large cities such as Berlin and enters into competition with DSL
  • Amazon presents the first Kindle with 3G and Wi-Fi to the German market, thereby revolutionising the book market
  • Development of real-time monitoring systems for the 3G LTE mobile communications standard
  • Development of demonstrators for 60 GHz radio transmission with intelligent antennas
  • Product launch of the new FPGA platform FFP Basic+
  • Smartphones are becoming more and more popular. The first iPhone comes onto the market
  • Development of testbeds for new mobile communications standards, on the basis of MIMO/OFDM

  • Development of universal FPGA platforms (FPGA kit / FFP Basic), thereby laying the foundation for today's product line of hardware assemblies
  • Setting a world record in the laboratory in collaboration with Siemens: transmission of 1 Gbit/s via a wireless connection with MIMO-OFDM
  • Design and development of a broadband ODM testbed for the 70 GHz band. 3G UMTS becomes the mobile communications standard in Europe
  • The first version of the web browser now known as Firefox is released

  • Construction of a wireless LAN OFDM testbed in the 5.2 GHz frequency band

  • The first smartphones come onto the market. They work with WAP
  • Development of a voting system for shareholder meetings in the ISM band (433 MHz)
  • At a conference with 270 country representatives in Paris, 3G UMTS is defined as the mobile communications standard
  • Development of an experimental system for ATM-Mobile: prototypes which make it possible to realise backbone connections via a wireless connection
  • Technology Transfer Prize of the IHK Braunschweig for the successful transfer of research results from the TU Braunschweig into the economy through IAF: DVB-T development and the construction of the first prototypes
  • 2G GPRS is tested for the first time
  • International electronics fair: Only two years later, the mobile transmission of DVB-T follows and opens up new mobile and portable usage possibilities for digital television transmission
  • At the IFA international electronics fair, IAF presents an innovative transmission technology for terrestrial digital television

  • December: Sending of the first SMS
  • October: The company IAF GmbH is founded in Braunschweig