Software development

Profile: Software development


Programming, simulation, verification, testing

Development tools

Xilinx Vivado, Xilinx Vitis, High Level Synthesis (HLS)

Operating systems

Linux, Bare Metal

Programming languages

Python, C, C++

Software development

In the field of software development, we address the programming of drivers and PC interfaces with high data rates, for the connection of external hardware to a PC. Interfaces frequently used for this purpose are USB, Ethernet and PCI Express.

Due to the increasing use of powerful SoC components, the implementation of signal-processing algorithms in software is also gaining in importance. The SoC devices combine the advantages of both worlds: hardware-oriented and very fast FPGA programming as well as the implementation of complex software functions on the basis of the integrated ARM processors.

For the testing and verification of hardware assemblies, we create test programs which can be integrated into automated test sequences. As a result, we are able to achieve a consistently high level of test coverage in conjunction with detailed documentation of the test results.